Roger & Lana Callahan

“But we can bear witness to the fact that through all the years, the staff, Board, and students have been creative and taken big risks to do whatever was necessary in order to provide high quality ministry to thousands of students. We also bear witness to how faithfully and lavishly God met every need through … Read More

Mark & Elaine Angermeier

“We attended an event for engaged couples at Campus House in the early 80s, even before we were Christians. Three of our five children graduated from Purdue and flourished spiritually because of the intentional impact of Campus House. Most recently, as we held our first grandson, whose parents are both Purdue graduates and Campus House alumni, the … Read More

Nathan McIntyre

“Campus House has been deeply integrated into my and my family’s life since I walked into the building for the first time as a freshman. The community and ministry I was privileged to be a part of there were invaluable to my growth as a believer while I was at Purdue. We are overwhelmed by … Read More

Carol Ann Gilbert

“[My husband] Jack and I became acquainted with PCCH in 1967 and have watched tremendous growth. With Jack’s tenure of 40+ years on the Board, he would have wholeheartedly wanted to support the new facility. I have kept in close contact with a few staff members through the years, and so I’m honored to give … Read More

Alissa L. Jara

“Over the 5 years when I completed my graduate degree, I was actively involved in Campus House as a student and leader for a small group called “Non-UnderGraduates” (NUGs). I have fond memories of my time at Campus House, which helped me grow as a leader and in my relationship with God and other students. … Read More