A Building to Bless the Campus

Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

We have the opportunity to create a space that aesthetically and functionally blesses the Purdue campus. The architect we are working with not only “gets us” but has designed a building that Purdue can be proud of and that fits the overall goals of the State Street Development. With a new building on our same footprint, we desire to embody some permanence amidst transience and to continue building trust and exhibiting influence within this community.

Construction Costs


Construction costs were provided by our builder in May 2020 based on our final, permitted building plans. Due to the faithful generosity of our supporters and strong stewardship of financial resources, Campus House is planning to self-fund initial project design, campaign expenses, a project contingency fund, some equipment costs, and transition and moving costs.

First Floor

Plenty of tables, chairs, and floor space in the lobby will encourage community and connection among the students who walk through our doors. A first-floor coffee shop, with the familiar vibe of Greyhouse, will help extend hospitality to the campus. We’re excited by the idea that those who might not be interested in a new Campus House would still stop by for a cup of coffee and experience the warmth and hospitality that makes them curious about the Source.

Second Floor

175 additional seats in the big room will help retain visiting students and broaden our reach, making space for everyone to hear the Gospel without overflow rooms and TV screens. The whole building will be ADA accessible, and we’re grateful to finally be able to provide a hospitable space for all believers to worship alongside each other. The second floor will also include a full kitchen and transitional meeting spaces for Community Groups and various events.

Third Floor

The top floor will primarily house staff offices and work space for our growing team. The Lord keeps bringing more students into our community each year who are eager to grow in Christ under the discipleship of our staff. Additional office space will bless our team as it continues to expand and come alongside Purdue students for generations to come.

475 Seats

In Our Main Gathering Room


More Meeting Spaces


Total Square